Infant's autopsy reports may bring more charges against couple

Megan Ayres at Friday's arraignment.

Update: 6-26-2012, 10:40

Neighbors said on Tuesday they didn't see any activity around the trailer for nearly three days before 9-month-old Kyson Weathers was found dead.

They said the car Megan Ayres and her boyfriend, Bryan Sartor, used sat in front of the trailer for days without moving, leading them to suspect the two might have been on a drug binge.

Police did indeed find meth in the couple's trailer when they discovered the baby's hot, bloated body starting to decompose.

But Callaway County prosecuting attorney Chris Wilson said there's not enough evidence to charge the couple for the baby's death and he's waiting for autopsy results.

"Once we receive all of those reports, both law enforcement reports, and the medical examiners report, then we will evaluate the report and see if any additional charges are forthcoming," Wilson said.


A couple may soon face more charges after a 9-month-old boy was found blue and "beyond any help" last Wednesday morning.

Callaway County prosecuting attorney Chris Wilson spoke for the first time Tuesday about the death of infant Kyson Weathers.

The baby's mother, Megan Ayres, and her boyfriend, Bryan Sartor, have already been charged with child endangerment of a 2-year-old child who also at the residence. For which they were arraigned on Friday. Drug charges were also part of the arraignment.

So far, no charges have been filed in relation to Kyson's death.

Wilson says the first part of the autopsy has been performed, but he's still waiting on the final reports from both the medical examiner and police, which he expects to have within two weeks.

According to the website for

Millard Family Chapels

, a prayer service and burial for Kyson was held Monday.