Ice threatens as winter storm nears

Updated 4:00pm March 1, 2014:

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for all of mid-Missouri from 6pm Saturday night to 6am Monday morning. Traveling on Sunday will be difficult and MoDOT has issued a No Travel Advisory while the storm is in your area.

There is still a little uncertainty with the winter storm hitting later tonight but confidence is increasing that we'll see more sleet and snow now and less ice for most of mid-Missouri. The new data continues to come in colder which will limit the freezing rain threat and allow for more snow. Sleet and freezing rain are still going to be likely for areas along and south of I-44.

Most of central Missouri is going to see snow with some sleet mixed in. At the onset of the storm we could see some freezing drizzle between 6pm and 11pm tonight. Beyond that we should begin to see more sleet and snow mixing in. The sleet snow mix will continue through the late morning Sunday before changing over to all snow.

The uncertainty in the totals is due to the timing of the change over. If the sleet persists longer, we'll see lower snow totals. But on the otherside, if the sleet changes to all snow before late morning on Sunday, we'll have higher snow totals.

Original Story posted 8:30pm Feb 28, 2014:
There's still a lot of uncertainty with the winter storm this weekend but you should be prepared. This storm will make landfall on the California coast overnight and will provide decent moisture to the region. This presents a very tricky forecast across parts of the state due to the varying temperature profiles.

First the obvious: Areas to the north are going to get mostly snow and some measurable snow too. Areas in the south are going to get more freezing rain and therefore more ice. Some areas, I feel, could see power outages. The event will begin Saturday evening and continue until late Sunday night.

What's not so obvious: Areas in the middle that will see a Wintry Mix. This mix of freezing rain and sleet makes providing accumulation totals difficult. But as it sits tonight, this fits my best guess as to what will happen. Totals from this storm will change as it moves on to the West Coast overnight. Regardless of what the totals say, it will lead to hazardous driving conditions.

What's next: As new data comes in, we'll be sure to update you by sharing this information here as well as on social media. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.