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      Ice cream beats the heat

      Hot temperatures mean big business for people who sell cold treats.

      Some people in Downtown Columbia said an air-conditioned ice cream parlor is a great way to beat the heat.

      Middle school students from The Crossing church in Columbia scooped up some summertime relief at Sparkyâ??s Ice Cream Parlor.

      Claire Herndon said, â??Itâ??s awesome. Itâ??s a great time to bring the girls here and cool off. We spend time talking, eating ice cream and cooling off. Itâ??s super good!â??

      The heat index climbed more than 100 degrees Tuesday afternoon. Thatâ??s bad news for people working outside but good news for the owners of ice cream parlors all across Mid-Missouri.

      Riley Eagle said, â??It tastes delicious and wonderful. Itâ??s pretty good on a hot day.â??

      Aubrey sanders said, â??Itâ??s cold and sweet. I like to eat it when itâ??s hot outside.â??

      Last weekâ??s fall-like temperatures have some people wishing for cooler weather.

      Jessica Kanne said, â??I have sweated a lot. This makes me smile because itâ??s very, very hot outside. Last week, it was beautiful. This week, Iâ??m like dying.â??

      Ellie Christie said, â??When itâ??s so hot, you get hungry and dehydrated. Itâ??s nice to come inside and have some ice cream and cool yourself off.â??

      Sparkyâ??s managers said ice cream is popular all year long, but it always tastes better on a hot July day.