Iberia remembers baby Wayne

A committee for the Iberia infant who died after being burned in a crib fire held a memorial service Saturday.

Baby Wayne was buried in Illinois by his father, but now has a memorial in Iberia.

Local residents found comfort as they paid their respects Saturday.

Few close family friends and one family member, Aunt Danna White went to the service to find closure to the tragic event.

Memories, tears and gentle songs filled the air of the Iberia cemetery.

"This tragedy has turned our little Iberia upside down..." said a pastor.

Upside down it has, especially for Wayne's relatives and close family friends.

Wayne's mother allegedly lit his crib on fire, leading to his death.

"It's sad and senseless for baby Wayne and for many others who suffered, there seems to be an epidemic going on," said Advocate Kristie Shrieves.

Family friends are fed up with the amount of infanticide that is going on.

Shrieves said, "If you see something that doesn't look right for a child report it...get involved, help us change the laws.."

She hopes that Wayne's name will carry a legacy and save children who are in a vulnerable situation.

Donations are being being taken to build a monument on the memorial site.

They can be mailed to :

Wayne E. Anderson Memorial Fund, 810 Hwy 42, Iberia, MO 65486