Iberia police say mistakes made

New information has come to light about the case involving the burned baby in Miller County. Two Iberia Police officers are speaking out about the decisions made by juvenile authorities in the weeks prior to Christina White's arrest for murder. KRCG's Mallory McGowin tells us why these officers want the whole story out.

Iberia Police Officers Anthony Williams and Tracy Pfaff believe critical mistakes were made the night of June 23, when they were called to the home of Walter and Charleana White, the maternal grandparents of Wayne Anderson Jr., mistakes that could have saved the baby's life.

Neither officer would go on camera. They say the infant's death has taken too much of an emotional toll. But both told me that, after removing the baby and his older sister from their grandparents home, which they found to be unsanitary, a juvenile court officer instructed them to return the children to the custody of their mother, Christina White.

The officers told me they didn't think that was the right move, and that case workers from the Department of Social Services agreed with them. But the juvenile officer insisted.

Williams and Pfaff suspected the living conditions Christina White had to offer were no better than those provided by her parents. They now believe that, had the court taken custody of the kids that night, the fire that Christina White says she started in her son's crib never would have happened.

Miller County Prosecutor Matt Howard has charged Walter and Charleana White with both felony and misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Christina White stands charged with murder.

Christina White's next court appearance on the murder charge is Monday. She returns to court later in the month to face charges of arson and child endangerment.