I scream, you scream, we all scream for... porky pumpers?

Talk about the â??dog days of summer!â?? It has been entirely too hot lately for me and Milo to even look outside, much less go on an adventure or two. We havenâ??t been on a true one since Memorial Day!

So to beat the heat, whatâ??s better than a little ice cream? Lizzi and Roccoâ??s Natural Pet Market was putting on an ice cream social Thursday...

(This is where we made Miloâ??s paw print ornament. You can read about that here.)

Since Iâ??m working an earlier shift this week I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get Milo out of the house and around some other four-legged friends.

At first, Milo could care less about the â??cookiesâ??â?¦ he just wanted to take in the sights, sounds, and sniffs. There were about 4 other dogs there, big and small, and Milo was just so excited to say â??helloâ?? to them all.

So, it was an â??ice cream socialâ??â?¦ I let him check out the surroundings and do the â??socialâ?? part, then it was time for the â??ice creamâ?? part of the evening.

Lizzi and Roccoâ??s had some great-looking blueberry ice cream and a nice spread of tasty toppingsâ?¦ bananas, which Milo almost ate the entire bowl of, bone-shaped sprinkles, blueberries, and some kind of lamb jerky. Not my kind of ice cream sundae, but Milo was digging it!

Heâ??s only had soft serve before, so the frozen variety was a little strange to him at first. He kinda jabbed at it, then licked it a bit, then started biting down on the chunk of goodness.

Milo was such a good boy at the event. Jessica, the owner of Lizzi and Roccoâ??s, snapped this great photo of him sitting pretty, but if you look closely I think you can see heâ??s holding in some major excitement.

Since he was so good, I figured I would let Milo pick out a treat to go. Earlier when he was socializing, a certain jerky caught his snoutâ?¦ he even tried to grab one out of the little basket. After he dined on dessert, he went right back to the same basket and grabbed a Porky Jerky Pumper (a nice way to put â??pig heartâ??). With his treat in his mouth, we walked toward the counter to check out. It seemed like everyone else at once went â??Ohhhhhhh, our dogs LOVE that treat!â?? So I guess Milo has good taste!

I couldnâ??t tear the plastic off that treat fast enough for Milo. As I fumbled with the wrapping, Milo sat in the co-pilot spot of my carâ?¦ drooling. Literally. On my purse and car seat. Sighâ?¦

All the sweets had Milo running laps in our apartment, but he has crashed! As I type this he is sound asleep under my feet. Just a little bit ago, he was so out of it I had to nudge him to rouse him from puppy dreamland. He even jumped a little!

Weâ??ve been house-bond for what feels like forever, so it was great to get out for a bit and be among other pups! Lizzi and Roccoâ??s puts on events like this pretty frequently, so it might not be too much longer before weâ??re at another â??yappy hourâ?? type event.

Do your pets enjoy ice cream? Share your experiences and stories by commenting below!

Stay tuned for more!

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