"I did this to be funny": Controversial rodeo clown receives death threats

Tuffy Gessling

The rodeo clown who sparked major controversy after a Barack Obama routine at the Missouri State Fair is speaking out.

After speaking with KRCG affiliate KCTV, Tuffy Gessling says he meant no harm and just meant the clown routine as a joke. He says Reagan, Bush and Clinton were the targets of similar clown routines through the years, with no public outcry.

"I've had one lady spit in my face, called me a dirty name, spit in my face and walked off," said Gessling.

His rodeo routine even brought death threats. Five to be exact.

"I've had somebody threaten to run me over. One wanted to burn [my] house down."

Gessling says he hasn't worked since the State Fair rodeo, but he has an appearance set in Jefferson City at the Jaycees Rodeo September 13.