Hunter dies after falling into 70-foot sinkhole

Sinkhole Courtesy: Pulaski Co. Sheriff's Office

A deer hunter in Pulaski County died after falling into a sinkhole on Monday evening.

Authorities have identified the man as 31-year-old Curtis Powelson . He was bow hunting near his home off of Red Oak Lane near the Buckhorn area. His wife reported him missing after he failed to return home.

After a late-night search, his body was discovered at the bottom of a large sinkhole located just a short distance from his home. Police say the sinkhole was about the size of a car at ground level and was estimated to be approximately 65-70 feet deep.

Authorities assume the sinkhole recently opened, possibly during the heavy rains last month. It is believed the hunter did not see the opening before falling into it, due to being hidden behind tall foliage, along with the existing low light conditions.

The hunterĂ¢??s death has been ruled accidental by the Pulaski County Assistant Coroner, Michael McCart.