Hundreds remember Chad Stover

Hundreds of people from Tipton and the surrounding area gathered Sunday to pay respects to the family of a 17 year-old who died after being injured during a football game.

Red ribbons in honor of Chad Stover adorned Tipton High School and the surrounding properties as families and strangers alike came to the school to mourn the death of the teenager.

Residents described Stover as a kind, intelligent person and a pillar of his community.

"We were just in disbelief," said Doug Prudden, who works with Chad's father. "At first you think it's something that will get better or he'll come out of it and everything will be fine. And then it was just bad news after bad news, and pretty soon it was clear that it would be a long hard road if he did recover." Prudden said.

"We were all shocked when we found out that he did pass away."

Stover was injured during a football game Halloween night. After lingering in a coma for two weeks, Stover passed away.

Although the community has come together in the wake of Stover's death, friends and townsfolk say his presence is what will be missed the most.