Hundreds recycle old electronics

Computer monitors, refrigerators, microwaves, cell phones, power tools were just some of the electronics unwanted, collecting dust in Jefferson City.

But Saturday, someone was took that trash to give it a second life and to protect the environment.

Cars lined up on Highway 179 waiting to unload their unwanted electronics at the Midwest Recycling Center.

Neil Mohrman brought a TV to recycle.

"Needed to get rid of it," Mohrman said.

And that's the reason why most people said they were there.

"It's been sitting in my garage for years," one woman who brought a TV to recycle said.

"Just getting rid of a couple old air conditioners and VCR's that quit working and we don't need," Dean Meier said.

Just a couple hours into the event, co-owner of MRC, Jeff Porter estimated at least 300 cars had already passed through to drop off old electronics.

"Itâ??s been a very successful event," Porter said.

MRC took anything with a battery or a cord attached to it, computer monitors, TV's microwaves, you name it, they took it.

Porter said recycling electronics is important for our environment.

"Before, most everything was ending up in landfills, 99% of what we bring in can be properly recycled," Porter said.

And those that dropped off their electronics felt the same.

"Good way to get rid of stuff, beats going into a landfill," Mohrman said.

MRC took almost everything for free.

TV's and computer monitors cost $15 and $5 respectively to recycle.

Porter says that money ensures the items are recycled the right way.

"We still have to pay for the glass recycling, the tubes, the CRT glass and that's a big expense on us, so we do have to collect for those," Porter said.

MRC is a one of two level four state certified recyclers.

Porter said all of the items will be taken back to a 53,000 square-foot warehouse in Park Hills.

That's where he has a crew of guys that take them all apart.