Hundreds in need of cash apply for jobs at Kohl's

We all know times have been tough across the country.

Here in Mid-Missouri, people at the lake have been hit especially hard.

But now there's some good economic news for lake-area residents.

Kohl's will open a new store in March, bringing 130 jobs to the area.

"Iâ??m here to apply for a job at one of my favorite stores," Kohlâ??s applicant Keri Sauder said.

Keri Sauder wasn't the only one there.

Just about 100-people were with her at The Lodge of Four Seasons Sunday looking for work.

"People here need jobs," Kohlâ??s applicant Sharon Lindsey said.

Like Lindsey, most of the applicants at the Kohl's job fair already have jobs, jobs that just havenâ??t been cutting it.

"Iâ??m looking for something to add onto the job I already have," Sauder said.

"The way things are right now, financially, just about everyone has to have 2 jobs to survive," Lindsey said.

Sauder applied to Kohl's Sunday after she and her husband were hit hard by the recession.

"Itâ??s because the economy is so hard. My husband and my retirement have been severely altered," Sauder said.

Mid-Missourians of all ages were applying for openings like register operators, customer service associates and freight un-loaders.

"I hope we all get hired," Kohlâ??s applicant Shirley Wood said.

Kohlâ??s officials will be interviewing applicants at The Lodge of Four Seasons through Thursday.

So far, for the 130 jobs available at the kohl's opening in March at the lake, there are nearly 650 scheduled interviews for the week.

To schedule an interview call (877) 639-5645.