How to winterize your car before the holidays

As the holiday season nears and temperatures plummet, now is the time to get your car ready for winter conditions.

Cold weather can take a toll on our cars, and holiday travel can be a stressful time for drivers.

Both are just around the corner.

MoDOT maintenance engineer Randy Aulbur said preparing your car ahead of time can help.

"Make sure you have an emergency package with you that maybe includes a blanket, of course your cell phone...a way to get a hold of people, and maybe a little bit of food," said Aulbur.

Driver Kelly Hanna already has her car prepared because she commutes to work.

"I make sure I have my phone, I am aware of the level of gasoline and tire pressure, and I keep track of the weather incase it's going to drop or there's a chance of freezing rain...that will adjust my travel times," said Hanna.

If you see a low tire pressure sensor come on in your car, that doesn't necessarily mean a trip to the service garage.

With temperatures dropping, the pressure drops in your tires as well, and all you'll need to do is make a trip to the gas station to fill them up.

According to Kwik Kar service advisor Chris Carter, the temperature change can cause a deflation in the tires of up to 3-5 pounds.

"Uninflated tires mean that you have premature tire wear. You'll have a pull in your vehicle that can cause your vehicle to have a slight veer while you're driving it," said Carter.

You should also check fluids, oils, batteries, and windshield wipers before making long trips.

To check road conditions before you head out, the MoDOT Traveler's Information Map is a great resource.