How safe are the buses in your school district?

The highway patrol just released the results of more than 1,000 school bus inspections.

The good news is 89-percent received passing scores.

But some districts had to make repairs.

KRCG TMs Facebook crew breaks down the results.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol inspects buses every February, March, April and again before the school year starts.

The highway patrol believes the inspections are making buses a lot safer.

"School buses are probably one of the safest modes of transportation we have when you look at traffic crash statistics. In most cases students do not actually get injured or killed when they're on a school bus, it's after they get off that crashes occur, MO State Highway Patrol Capt. Tim Hull said.

Out of 1,006 bus inspections 28 buses were marked out of service.

Smaller districts are hit hardest because they have fewer buses running.

For example: the numbers show 33-percent of Fayette TMs buses were ordered out of service, that's 4 out of 12.

A major defect forcing a district to take a bus off the streets could be something like a cracked frame, or a fuel leak.

Of the thousand buses checked: 85 of those buses had a minor defect.

"It might be something as simple as a clearance light being out. If that's the case the bus can continue to be used but it has to be brought back within ten days repaired to be re-inspected to make sure that the minor defect has been repaired, Hull said.

Those types of problems put mechanics to work on 20 buses that serve Columbia Public Schools.

A number of schools have buses that didn TMt pass inspection. But schools like Blair Oaks are celebrating because all their buses passed and they were all in perfect condition.

"I TMm extremely proud. Again I TMm not so sure I TMm the one that deserves to be receiving the credit for that. In our school district we have two bus contractors that work extremely hard and I TMm extremely proud of them and their efforts to keep are kids safe, Blair Oaks Superintendent Dr. Jim Jones said. So you know they set the bar at the top, so now the challenge becomes to hit that 100-percent mark each year."

A few other schools that had perfect bus inspections were bone County R-V, Cole County R-V, Gasconade County R-11, and Iberia R-V.

If you would like to see how your local district stacked up click here:

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Do you know how safe the buses your children ride to school are? Troop F of the Missouri Highway Patrol just released their findings in school bus inspections.More than 1,000 buses were inspected in the process and just under 89% received passing scores.School buses are inspected annually by the Missouri Highway Patrol during February, March and April and again just before the school year begins. Do you feel like the buses your students ride to school in are safe? Sound off below!Tonight at 10, we'll break down the districts in Mid-Missouri and show you which districts passed the inspections and which didn't according to the Highway Patrol.