How much money do schools get from the MO Lottery?

New data shows that Missouri Lottery has given $4 billion in proceeds to the state over the past 25 years.

The money is supposed to go to public education.

But how much of that money really goes to our schools?

KRCG's Facebook crew spoke with lottery and public education officials to find out.

Lottery officials told me that 26.6 percent of a dollar spent in a store for a lottery ticket goes to the state for public education.

"We transferred this year around $259 million, and 100-percent of our profits go back to public education, Missouri Lottery Gary Gonder said.

Last year the Missouri Lottery took in just under $1 billion of that:

$640 million went to winners of the various games, $260 million went to public education, $60 million went to pay gas stations and others who sell lottery tickets, and $40 million went to cover lottery employees' salaries and other administrative costs.

The money the lottery gives to the state for public education is divided in different ways around the state.

"It's kind of divided, but not equally between elementary education, secondary education, and higher education. For example at the college, university level almost 9-percent of what the state contributes to their operating budget come from Missouri Lottery, Gonder said.

The MO Lottery has helped fund a number of universities and technical colleges throughout the state.

One program that the Missouri Lottery has really helped out is the A+ Program.

"One of the things that we're most proud of is the A+ Scholarship Program, which we have contributed over $175 million; and over 50,000 students in Missouri are now attending college as a result of the Missouri Lottery, Gonder said.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) said if they lost the revenue from the Missouri Lottery it would definitely have a impact on public schools throughout the state.

"We view the lottery as an important revenue stream because of the way the general assembly has chosen to appropriate it, DESE Deputy Commissioner Dr. Ronald Lankford said.

If you would like to see where education funds are being distributed in your county click here:

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New data shows the Missouri Lottery has given $4 billion in proceeds to the state.

So how much of that is going to schools?

Today KRCG's Faceboook crew investigates to find out.

Tune in tonight at ten to find out what state officials had to say about the proceeds.