How has 9/11 changed you?

The September 11th terrorists attacks have changed the way many Americans view the world.

The event may have had the most lasting impression on those who were children at the time.

KRCG's Facebook Crew talked with some 3rd graders and college students to find out what they know and think about 9/11.

Jefferson City's Cedar Hill Elementary 3rd graders have been singing patriotic songs all week to prepare for "Patriot Day."

On Friday, they will wear red, white, and blue to school to honor 9/11.

But do 3rd graders know exactly what happened 10 years ago?

Some students told me they do.

"There was two airplanes that crashed into the towers and then they fell on people. They fell on good people and bad people, Cedar Hill 3rd Grader Ethan Mell said.

"Very violent people wanted to make America mad and try to mess up one of our best things. So they got into planes and crashed down the twin towers, and a bunch of people got killed, Cedar Hill 3rd Grader Emily Thompson said.

Since 3rd graders weren't even born in 2001 they didn't get to see the world before 9/11. But students who are in college now did.

Some Lincoln University students told me they were sitting in elementary classrooms when the planes hit the world trade center.

"I was in my 5th grade classroom and all of sudden someone came over the intercom announcing the towers have been attacked in New York. So we turned on the television and everything pretty much stopped then, Lincoln University Student Sean Ives said.

The attacks on America's soil made quite an impression to those who were in elementary school at the time.

"The first thing that went through my mind is how could someone do something like this to our country, Liconln University Student Sharena Hampton said.

A decade later, college students now see the 9/11 events as a loss of innocence.

"Before 9/11, I believe the country was more care free about things, but now we have to be very aware of all surrounding things, Lincoln University Student Asia Swoke said.

When it comes 9/11, they're quite a few differences between college students and 3rd graders. But they all agree on one thing that this weekend everyone should stop for a moment and remember all those that gave their lives that day for this country.

"I think it just shouldn't be recognized on one day. I think we should always remember it,Emily Thompson said.

So tell us what you think. What were you doing ten years ago when terrorists attacked America?

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The September 11th terrorists attacks have changed the way how many Americans view the world.

But what are the differences between a 3rd grader who has never known a pre 9/11 world and a college student who was in elementary school when 9/11 happened?

KRCG's Facebook Crew talks with 3rd graders and college students to find out the differences tonight at ten.

So tell us what you think. How has 9/11 changed you?