How concerned are you about being tracked by your smartphones?

An estimated 72.5 million Americans own smart phones to talk, text, email, and surf the web.

But there is growing concerns about how much personal information the phones retain.

A pple and Google are coming under fire for tracking customers' locations.

KRCG's Facebook crew investigated to find out if there is anything you can do to keep from getting tracked.

Researchers discovered last month that Apple's Iphone stores information on every move its user makes, for up to a year.

But Apple said that's not entirely true.

"Apple does not track users locations. Apple has never done so and does not plan to ever do so, Apple's Guy Tribble said.

Tribble did confirm that Apple stores some information from their customers in their database, but said it's only used to speed up service.

"The data that's stored in the database is the location of as many hotspots and cell phone towers as we can have, Tribble said.

Google, which owns the Android operating system for cell phones was also called to testify about storing location data.

Mid-Missouri residents I talked to were not happy about the news.

"I think it's wrong because you shouldn't be tracked unless they notify you or they should have you sign a contract that informs you that you're being tracked, Cole County Resident Christopher Khaleel said. Otherwise I think it's like invading someone's privacy, if you're being tacked by your smartphone."

"The consumer needs to be aware of the capabilities of a smartphone. If you don't want to be tracked, don't get a smartphone or check with the carrier to see if there is away to turn it off, Jefferson City Resident Maryellen McCleary said.

I checked, and discovered that Apple and Google built the tracking feature inside the phone so it can't be turned off.

So, like it or not, your phone is storing your every move.

"I'd be concerned, not worried. Remember this stuff is in your Iphone, your Ipad, and synced to your computer, CNET Official Brian Cooley said. It's not out in the wild on the internet yet."

Google and Apple said the data stays on the phone and isn't transmitted to them.

But what if your phone slips into the wrong hands?

If it does your information on your phone could be stolen, because the information on your phone is not encrypted.

There are ways you can remotely delete sensitive information on your phone in case it is lost or stolen.

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Tell us what you think. How concerned are you about being tracked by your smartphones?