Hostess financial impact on Boonville

Friday, residents in Boonville said the financial impact from the closing of the Hostess Bakery will be rough, but the financial impact isn't the only loss,
Karen Bakken said, "One of the big attractions of Boonville was to drive down Main Street and get that awesome, awesome aroma and fragrance of that baking bread."

Boonville has seen other companies shed jobs in recent years.

Now, business owners are wondering how much more the city can take.

Kathy Sears owns 1st Choice Realty, she said, "They have approximately 85 employees here, and for a population of 8,200, 85 jobless people is a huge impact."

A huge impact at a time when everyone is pinching pennies, "I mean there have been countless times when I've gone into that store to get that 65 cent or 99 cent loaf oa bread and that's not going to be available anymore", Bakken said.

Peggy Kramel's husband worked at the bakery, she said they're moving to the Kansas City area this Sunday because there just aren't jobs in Boonville, "There is nowhere to work in this town, Nordyne is down to 70 people, Caterpillar scales up in the summer but then this time of year they cut back."

And, while some downtown business owners are worried about the future, Sears still has hope, " I would say it has certainly been a good business, and I would certainly hope another entity would come in and purchase it and get it up and running and get those people back to work."