Hosier convicted of murder and other charges

It took a jury less than two hours to return a guilty verdict in the murder trial of David Hosier.

Jurors convicted him of first degree murder for the death of Angela Gilpin. He was also found guilty of armed criminal action, burglary, and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.

Both sides rested their cases by Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier Wednesday, an ATF agent testified about weapons parts detectives testified belonged to David Hosier, which they found during the murder investigation into the deaths of Angela and Rodney Gilpin.

The agent told the court Wednesday it is not illegal to own a submachine gun template or specific gun parts, but it does become illegal when the gun is assembled because the weapon has no serial number.

The agent also testified that no submachine gun was found in the Missouri part of the investigation.

A police detective testified Tuesday about going to Oklahoma after Hosier was arrested. His car was in an Oklahoma storage area and was searched for evidence.

Inside, police found, among other things, more than a dozen firearms, various rounds of ammunition, a legal pad with writing that included the license plate of one of the victims, and two cell phones.

Also Wednesday, the coroner testified Angela suffered four gunshot wounds to her torso and two to the back of her head.

Rodney suffered three gunshot wounds to the torso and one to the left elbow.

One of the arguments made during closing arguments centered around whether a rapid fire gun was used to kill the Gilpins.

Hosierâ??s defense team argued that could not have been the case if witnesses only heard three â??popsâ?? at the time of the shooting. Prosecutors argued the three â??popsâ?? could have very well been three separate bursts of gun fire.

The jury was given the option of returning a verdict of second degree murder if they cannot agree on first degree murder.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for tomorrow when jurors will determine if he will face the death penalty or life without parole.