Homicide investigation underway in Sedalia

Deputies removed evidence including women's clothing and part of a stained mattress from a trailer on Goodwill Chapel Road.

The Pettis County Sheriff said Monday they are investigating human remains found at a Sedalia trailer park as a homicide.

Maintenance workers found the remains outside a trailer on Goodwill Chapel road around 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Sheriff Kevin Bond said investigators were there until around 1:30 a.m. processing the scene.

During their investigation Monday, deputies removed bags of evidence including woman's clothing and a badly stained mattress.

Neighbors described a grisly scene. "I came home and I saw the truck here, and I walked up to my landlord and she told me that they found an arm," said Amber Howe. "She said there were maggots on it, and that the fingers had been severed."

The Sheriff said no one was living at the trailer at the time the remains were found. However, he did say the man who lived in the trailer is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges of assault and sodomy.

Many neighbors said they avoided contact with him.

Sheriff Bond said it could be several days before autopsy results come back, and that crime scenes like this are rare in Sedalia.

"I've been Sheriff for 10 years now, and this is the second homicide investigation we've conducted in the 10 years I have been here."

Neighbors living near where the remains were found say they plan to move out of the trailer park as soon as they can.