Homeless sex offender faces new felony charges

Glen Stanley

A homeless registered sex offender faces new felony sex charges against a child.

The Cole County Prosecuting attorney's office filed charges against Glen Stanley, 43, after a 3-year-old girl said he touched her inappropriately.

On September 8, the girl was riding in the car with Stanley on her way home from a relative's house and told a social worker a few days later, that Stanley touched her inappropriately.

She told the social worker and a Jefferson City police officer during the car ride she sat on Stanley's lap.

She also said later that night, she woke up to Stanley touching her groin area again.

When police talked with Stanley, he admitted to spending the night at the residence with the girl and said he knew she was in a place in the home he could get access to.

Court records also show the police officer believed the 43-year-old man would not appear in court because he admitted to being homeless.

The officer also said he believed Stanley is a danger to the girl, community and others because Stanley told him he has anger issues and is a registered sex offender.