Homecoming skits popular family attraction

Children wait for a homecoming skit to begin Friday night. Parents told KRCG 13 they love getting to see the fruits of students' labors every year.

Families turned out in droves for Friday night's homecoming skits on the MU campus.

Across from the Delta Tau Delta house, MU alum Danielle Sipe watched an Orlando-themed skit with her husband and three small children. She said she has come to see the house decorations many times but Friday was the first time her children had seen them.

"I just like how the community comes out and you get to feel all the excitement about homecoming," she said.

This year's Homecoming house decorations centered on different cities around the country. One house had a New Orleans-themed backdrop complete with two-story parlors and balconies. Another represented New York City and featured a skating competition between Truman the Tiger and the South Carolina Gamecock. Yet another skit took after Philadelphia and included Independence Hall and Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment in the background.

Alum Jodie Burditt said she brought her children to see the house decorations every year. She said doing this brought back fond memories of homecoming when she was a student and she was glad to be able to share them with her children.

"I just love all the creativity and the sets and the storylines," she said.

MU senior A.J. Carpio said getting to see everyone else's hard work was a highlight of house decorations night.

"I have Greek friends, and they have just been stressing out and stressing out," he said. "It's great to see that all their hard work is being appreciated by all the people who are coming out to see it."

Zack Hay and Kent Barnes, both 12, said getting to see the decorations with their friends was their favorite part of the festivities. Andrew Barnes, 10, said he thought the campus decorations get better every year and lend to the spirit of Homecoming, a point Burditt concurred on.

MU's 2013 Homecoming festivities continue Saturday with a parade through the campus and downtown beginning at 9 a.m.