Holts Summit police arrest two for counterfeiting

Police say cashiers caught these two counterfeit bills at the Holts Summit McDonald's.

Police say a sharp-eyed cashier and a stroke of luck helped them arrest two counterfeiting suspects Monday.

Sgt. Marc Haycook told KRCG 13 police got a call around 2 p.m. from the McDonald's in Holts Summit that a man tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill at the drive-thru. The man drove off when a manager asked him about the bill. Around the same time, a woman tried to use a bogus bill at the counter in the lobby. Haycook said the manager gave police a very good description of the car as it headed toward Jefferson City. He said Jefferson City police happened to have an officer on the Highway 54 bridge who was able to catch the suspects. Both suspects face felony fraud charges.

"It was really about timing today," he said. "When agencies work close together like this it's great, we quickly had somebody in custody."

Haycook said the Holts Summit McDonald's has had seven different cases of counterfeit bills in the last month, totaling $140, and he said employees there were aware of at least one or two other counterfeiting cases at other businesses, though no other businesses have contacted police. He said businesses sometimes feel ashamed to admit they have found counterfeit bills because of the myriad ways they can detect them.

Haycook said the quickest way to determine whether a bill is fake is to check the color-shifting ink on the numerals in the lower right-hand corner. He said such ink is extremely difficult to replicate. In addition, cashiers can check for watermarks and horizontal strips embedded within the bills.

Haycook said police think the suspects are part of a larger counterfeiting ring in the Holts Summit area, and he said additional arrests are likely.