Hitman performs Indian ritual over dead body

Casey Lewis is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Brian Daniels.

Police said an Oklahoma man is believed to be the hitman in a Columbia murder and is now charged with the crime.

On April 10, 2013 at about 7 p.m. James Thompson called 911 saying there had been a break in at a home in the 2400-block of Cimarron Drive in Columbia, the home of Brian Daniels. Thompson told authorities when he got to Daniels' home that evening, he found the back door kicked in and Daniels lying on the floor with wounds.

When officers got to the home they found Daniels, dead from gunshot wounds.

Thompson was later arrested for the murder of Brian Daniels.

Investigators said they found evidence that Thompson had stolen property from Daniels and had sold it.

According to court records, Thompson also forged a last will and testament, naming himself as the sole beneficiary.

The records said Daniels had been awarded over $2.6 million in a structured settlement in 2008.

Christopher Hurt, who helped Thompson establish an alibi for the time of the murder told investigators Thompson was in Oklahoma several days before the murder to pick up a man named Casey Lewis.

Hurt said he saw Thompson with Lewis the night of April 9 at two separate times.

The first time was when Hurt met with Thompson and Lewis for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in south Columbia.

The second time was when Hurt went to Thompson's house in the 3500-block of New Haven Road, lot 187, and saw the two together there.

Investigators got a tip that a man from â??out of townâ?? with a dark complexion, possibly â??east Indianâ??, was seen with Thompson on April 9 at Thompson's father's house.

Hurt told investigators Lewis appeared to be Native American.

The tip also said Thompson gave the man a car to leave town with.

Two days later Hurt said he asked Thompson where Lewis was and Thompson asked, â??can you really ask that with a straight face?â??

Authorities said Thompson's phone records indicate he called Lewis' phone on April 8, 9, and 10.

On May 22 detectives questioned Lewis in Coal County, Oklahoma.

Lewis admitted to going to Columbia with Thompson and said he was with him the night of April 9 but left at midnight.

However, phone records show Lewis was still in Columbia in the early morning hours of April 10 near the murder scene which is when the murder is believed to have happened.

On April 26, Lewis was arrested on unrelated charges in Coal County, Oklahoma in Thompson's car.

He told police he got the car from Thompson as payment for work he did.

A short time after the questioning, authorities found a handgun in a bag with clothing and other items hiding under a tree in a field adjacent to Lewis' Aunt's home in Oklahoma.

On July 11 Glen Anderson, a longtime friend of Thompson admitted to providing a false alibi for him.

Anderson told authorities Thompson paid Lewis to kill Brian Daniels and that he paid Lewis cash, gave him a handgun and a car as payment for the murder.

Anderson said Thompson told him Lewis shot Daniels three times and performed an Indian ritual over Daniels' body.

He said Thompson also told him he and Lewis made it look like someone had broken into Daniels' home and committed the murder.

Lewis is in the Coal County Jail in Oklahoma.

He and Thompson are both charged with first-degree murder.

Hurt is charged with hindering the prosecution of a felony, and the felony of possession of a controlled substance.