Highway Patrol says 'strap in for the summer'

It's one of the easiest ways to safe on the road, but do you do it?

"By more than 50%, their chances of surviving are increased in they're wearing that seat belt," said Captain Tim Hull with the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The Highway Patrol says there are thousands of drivers on Missouri roads who aren't buckled up, if you're one of them. you need to change your habits.

Driver and seat belt wearer Missy Burch learned the hard way earlier in life.

"I got a ticket for it when I was pretty young so it's kind of become a habit," she said.

Troopers say a crash can come out of nowhere and they want you to be ready.

"Everybody going to be involved in a traffic crash, it's almost 100% you'll be involved in a traffic crash sometime in your lifetime. It's just like rolling the dice and gambling, what chance do you want to take? Your chances of surviving with that seat belt on are much greater than without it," said Hull.