Highway Patrol investigating death of man while in custody

A 20-year-old Iowa man drowned while in the custody of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Saturday night.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the drowning death of an Iowa man Saturday evening that occurred after he fell or jumped from a boat while in patrol custody. The incident happened on the Gravois Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Spokesman Sgt. Paul Reinsch said the victim, Brandon Ellingson, 20, had been arrested for boating while intoxicated and was being transported by a deputy when he stood up and either jumped or fell off the starboard side of the boat.

Riensch says Ellingson was handcuffed and wearing a life vest when he went over, but the vest came off at some point after he entered the water. Part of the investigation will attempt to determine how that happened, according to Reinsch.

Ellingson's body was recovered at 11:30 Sunday morning.

The deputy who was transporting Ellingson at the time of the incident has been placed on administrative leave, which Reinsch says is standard operating procedure in cases like this.