High School, College students are looking for last-minute summer jobs

If your kids are fresh out of school and looking for a summer lifeguard position around Jefferson City, they might be out of luck.

"We actually have all our slots filled right now. we've had a lot of people come back from last year, so there's only about six new people that we hired," said Shane Convery, the Assistant Lifeguard Manager at Memorial Park Pool in Jefferson City.

That's because many of them applied at the start of the year in January and February.

But some are getting seasonal jobs, although they may require a bit of travel, like the one Jefferson City High School student Weston Paulson has this summer.

"I plan on being a river tour guide up in Hell's Canyon in Lewiston, Idaho," said Paulson.

Although some others like Weston's friend Olivia Hanson are getting gigs closer to home this summer.

"I'll be holding an intern position at Central Bank and Financial center," said Hanson.

There are several places for high school and college students to apply for around the area, but at places like Central Dairy, you kind of have to know someone to get your foot in the door.

Abby and Samantha, Ice Cream Scoopers at Central Dairy, say that is only part of the deal.

"Well you kind of have to know someone to get it, and you kind of have to be referred, but other than that, it was pretty easy," said Abby.

But still, even with a recovering economy, it's a tough job market out there.

"There's so many positions taken and there's not really a lot of opportunities for us to get jobs," said Hanson.