High gas prices cause problems for St. Elizabeth man

Update: April 13 at 1:05 p.m.: Gas prices dipped over night in Columbia. Prices are now $3.69 in Columbia.Original Story:The price of gasoline in Mid-Missouri jumped 20 cents Tuesday to $3.79 a gallon.

High fuel costs mean problems for families and businesses in Missouri.

One disabled man from St. Elizabeth said gas prices have changed his life.

Blaine Kemna drives a Ford Ranger back in forth from St. Elizabeth to Jefferson City almost everyday for doctor appointments.

"Gas just keeps going up and by listening to the news I hear the demand is down. From every class I have ever taken, if demands are down prices should go down, St. Elizabeth Resident Blaine Kemna said.

Kemna said he and his wife have to drive four wheel drive vehicles because they live down a hilly dirt road.

Last summer Kemna injured his left arm bailing hay, and now he needs to visit doctors weekly.

But just paying for the high priced gas isn't the gist of it.

He isn't getting a pay check either.

"I got to go to the doctor several times a week and it takes a bit of gas to get to the doctor. Right now I TMm on medical leave and I TMm not drawing a paycheck, Kemna said. Making just day to day bills is hard."

Kemna said the price of gas is not just affecting his life, but all of his family's.

"I have a son that lives in Arkansas and I haven't seen him in several months because I can't afford the gas to go down and see him, Kemna said.

Kemna said although he is very aggravated about gas prices, he just wants to know why anyone isn't doing anything to get them lowered.

"Why can't are senators and representatives do something about it? They all say they want to help get this country back on track, Kemna said. In my opinion one of the main things they need to do is get us to where we can get our infrastructure going again."

According to, the cheapest gas in Jefferson City is $3.69.

The cheapest gas in Columbia is $3.64.

Click here: to find the cheapest gas in your area.