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      Helping a pet find its fur-ever family

      Animal shelters like the Central Missouri Humane Society wouldn't be able to function without help from volunteers and foster families.

      Bill Williamson has been volunteering at CMHS for almost seven years. Each week he comes in and takes some of the bigger dogs out for some exercise.

      "They give you that unconditional love... puppy kisses if you will," said Williamson.

      "I very much enjoy interacting with them. But we do need more volunteers to come walk puppy dogs. They appreciate it."

      The Central Missouri Humane Society is the largest open-door shelter in mid-Missouri. That means they don't turn any pets away when they're brought in.

      If your home allows for it, fostering a pet is a great way to free up space for other animals in the shelter. It also provides pets with a home - even if it's temporary.

      Jenny Romesburg is the foster and rescue coordinator at the humane society. She is no stranger to opening her home for animals in need... and loves the benefits.

      "I always get the joy of having the baby kittens or puppies in my home," said Romesburg. "But yet, once they're ready for adoption, I get to see them go live their new lives in their new homes... and then I just get a new batch."

      Mary Uhlemeyer is a frequent foster for the Central Missouri Humane Society. Her most recent challenge? Fostering a mother and her EIGHT adorable puppies.

      "We spend a lot of time cleaning up with this many," laughed Uhlemeyer. "They'll go to homes quick once they're available for adoption, so it'll be worth it."

      For anyone that's considering becoming a foster parent?

      "Go for it," said Uhlemeyer. "The humane society provides vet care, food, support... you're just providing a loving environment."