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      Hellen Cook's family proposes missing persons reforms

      "Hellen's Law" is a series of proposed missing persons reforms.

      The family of the 72-year-old Benton County woman whose body was found after a nearly monthlong search met with state representatives Sunday to propose reforms to procedures for missing persons.

      The goal of "Hellen's Law" is to develop a standard missing persons procedure.

      The proposed reforms include categorizing a missing person appropriately (for example, persons who may be unable to care for themselves) and issuing an appropriate alert in a timely manner.

      They also include providing the family members with a list of media outlets to release information and a guide of how they can assist with the search.

      Hellen Cook wandered away from her Benton County home on July 13. Her remains were found near a nearby lake on August 11.

      She suffered from Alzheimers.