Helias grad is up for three Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards

Neal Rohrbach / Outdoor Channel Outfitters

A Helias grad has been nominated for one of the biggest outdoor awards anyone can get in the outdoor world, a Golden Moose Award.

Neal Rohrbach has hosted Outdoor Channel Outfitters for 26 episodes this year.

His personality and outdoor skills may have landed him one of the biggest awards in his career.

Neal Rohrbach began enjoying the outdoors at an early age. He spent most of his younger days fishing and hunting on the family farm in Clarksburg, Missouri.

"Neal had a fishing pole in his hands from the time that he was big enough to stand up and hold a pole. He has always been one that enjoyed getting out in nature to fish and hunt, Neal's Dad Mitch Rohrbach said.

After graduating from Helias Neal headed south to go to college in Georgia.

This is where he landed his dream job with the Outdoor Channel.

"Me and a buddy went fishing one Sunday afternoon, and on the way back we took some back roads, that's when I saw the Outdoor Channel sign out in the middle of nowhere. So that Sunday night I looked it up because I thought it would be really cool to work for them, Outdoor Channel Outfitters' Neal Rohrbach said. So I sent them my resume on Sunday night. I then interviewed Tuesday and got offered the job on Thursday."

Rohrbach said he loves the outdoors and is really glad that he can work in it.

"I just love the outdoors. It's really unique to have a job where I set on the couch on Sunday and look forward to go back to work on Monday, Rohrbach said.

Neal and the Outdoor Channel Outfitters show have been nominated for three Golden Moose Awards: the fan favorite best overall series, best hunting series, and favorite host.

"Two years ago all I was doing was designing websites, print materials, and that kind of stuff. I got to go to big shows and meet these folks and get their autographs. Now it's a little bit surreal because now I TMm right there on the same ballad as Bill Dance, Michael Waddell, and Jim Shocky. It's just really hard to believe, Rohrbach said.

Rohrbach said he feels honored to even be nominated for any moose award.

The Outdoor Channel's 12th Annual Golden Moose Awards will be held in Las Vegas on January 19th.

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