Heavy rains flood fields, delay planting

Heavy rains flood farm fields, delaying planting and damaging crops.

Heavy rains soaked parts of mid-Missouri over the last couple of days, causing flooding to fields which can lead to soil erosion and crop damage.

Flood watches and warnings are in effect through Tuesday morning for the northern half of the show-me state due to a frontal boundary that stalled generally along I-70 this weekend.

Terry Hilgedick, a Hartsburg area farmer, said heavy rain can hurt or even destroy crops.

"It suffocates them, basically drowns them and they've got to have oxygen and sunlight to live. When they're standing under water they get not much of either one. So it creates drowned out areas, there will be dead areas in the fields that will either have to be re-planted or it won't produce anything," said Hilgedick.

Hilgedick also noted that the constant rains put time constraints on farmers because they can't do any field work during and after the rain for a few days.

He also said corn crops are well behind in development due to the cold, wet spring, and soybean yields will start to decline due to delayed planting.

More chances for rain come this week starting Thursday, lasting through Saturday.