Health Professionals discuss Obamacare

Missouriâ??s public health professionals gathered in Columbia to discuss the affordable care actâ??s impact on our local public health system.

Whatâ??s commonly known as Obamacare has many Missouri health care providers preparing for some dramatic changes.

Doctors, nurses and health administrators said their seminar was critical for the public health community as they look to adapt to this changing environment.

The forum was an opportunity for officials to hear from knowledgeable individuals about recently-enacted provisions and have dialogue with experts on Obamacare.

Boone County Health Department spokeswoman Geni Alexander said, â??There is a lot of confusion that we know surrounding the Affordable Care Act. We want to better educate our clients. We want to know how we can work with our partners in the community to better deliver health services.â??

The seminar included a panel of experts who reviewed system changes anticipated to impact the public health service delivery system.