Have TSA screening procedures gone too far?

A picture of a baby at a Missouri airport is setting off questions about TSA screening procedures.

An 8-month-old baby set off an explosive alarm, so security screeners had to pat down the child to make sure there were no explosives on him.

KRCG's Facebook Crew spoke with TSA officials and local residents Friday to find out what they think about screening procedures for children.

Everyone has to go through security checkpoint screenings before they can ever board a plane.

But since the recent baby pat-down incident at Kansas City International Airport, some people believe TSA's procedures are going too far.

"I realize that security is a good thing, especially now days. But doing that to little children, I think that is excessive, Cole County Resident Charlene Trusley said. It's just uncalled for; it's almost brutal."

TSA officials said the security screeners did nothing wrong, and followed protocol.

"They were just resolving an alarm. An alarm went off and they needed to resolve it, TSA Spokesman Luis Casanova said. Whether it's a person or an item it cannot continue on to the secure area or airplane until we are for sure that there is no threat to the public."

Some of the people I spoke with Friday agreed with Casanova.

"I feel like they are just doing their job and doing what they were told to do, Jefferson City Resident Ann Linhardt said.

"They have to think like terrorists, and that's what they're doing. Terrorists would put a bomb around themselves or around a child, Jefferson City Resident Pat Dudenhoeffer said. So why wouldn't they put it around a baby?"

Luis Casanova said nearly all airports have modified screenings for children.

"Every person, whether they're a child or elderly that is going to get on a plane must go through an equivalent level of screenings. For children under twelve we send them through what we call a modified screening, Casanova said. Bare in mind this is done with a parent. The parent always has the discretion to ask for a privacy screening."

As TSA officials continue to take heat about the baby incident, U.S. officials are pleased the screeners did their job.

Tell us what you think about TSA security screenings. Do you think TSA screening procedures have gone too far?

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A baby set off an explosive alarm this week at Kansas City International Airport.

So security screeners patted down the baby to make sure there were no explosive materials on him.

Have TSA screening procedures gone too far?

U.S. officials think KCI's security screeners were just doing their job and didn't do anything wrong.

So tell us what you think.

Tonight at ten our Facebook crew will tell you what residents think about children being patted down.