Habitat for Humanity recognizes Quaker Windows and Doors

Dozens of people gathered Thursday in Jefferson City for a special ceremony honoring Quaker Windows and Doors for its donations to Habitat for Humanity.

The business donated its 25th set of windows to Habitat for Humanity to use in a remodeled house.

The president for Habitat for Humanity gave Quaker Windows a plack for all their great help and donations over the years.

The general manager from Quaker Windows said he's very glad he gets the opportunity to help people with their dream home in the community.

"These aren't handouts. These people have to work to stay in their homes and all that. When you're helping someone like that, it really makes you feel good because it's given them a leg up, Quaker Windows and Doors General Manager Mike Knoll said.

Also Thursday, the remodeled home on Clark Avenue marked the 70th home done in Jefferson City by Habitat for Humanity.