Gun incident puts 4 Columbia schools in lockdown

Police say a man brandished a gun at another customer of this McDonald's located on the Business Loop 70 East

Columbia public school administrators locked down four of their schools during the noon lunch hour Tuesday after a young man allegedly brandished a gun at a nearby fast food restaurant.Hickman High School, Douglass High School, Jefferson Jr. High School and Ridgeway Elementary were all in lock down mode for about 20 minutes as police did their work. Witnesses told police a man went into the McDonald's on the I-70 Business Loop and pulled out a handgun on another customer.Police arrested 16 year-old Darian Carter without a problem a short distance away from the McDonald's. He is charged with 3 felonies, 2 counts of receiving stolen property and one count of possession of a concealable firearm.Dr. Lynn Barnett, Columbia Public Schools: "All is well. Our children are safe. They did a very nice job, especially at Hickman High School. As we know, these things seem to occur over the lunch hour. Students were very receptive to the notification of, let's get back in school, let's be safe, let's stay locked down until we're given notice that all is clear."Barnett says Carter is not a Columbia Public Schools student.Police say they also recovered Carter's backpack which had a handgun inside.