Gun Dealers Oppose Stricter Gun Control

Gun dealers at the RK Gun Show oppose new control legislation.

Gun Dealers at this yearâ??s Travelling RK Gun Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds had more than gun sales on their minds this weekend.

The three day event ended Sunday afternoon as members of Congress work on stricter gun laws.

Springfield, Missouri gun dealer Duane Hungerford was the only vendor at the gun show willing to speak to KRCG 13 on camera. Most gun dealers were afraid to speak out on the gun control controversy in Washington, D.C.

Hungerford said big cities like Chicago have the strictest gun laws in America and they also have the highest amount of gun related crimes.

Hungerford said, â??The enforcement is not there. We know how well they control drugs today. They say drugs canâ??t be bought in America. We know how prohibition went. Itâ??s the same thing. You can not regulate some things out.â??

Supporters of stricter gun control laws want universal background checks to help prevent gun related crimes and illegal ownership of guns.

Vendors at the gun show said stricter gun laws in Washington would only hurt the law abiding citizen. They said criminals would always be able to buy guns illegally.

Hungerford said increased enforcement, not tougher gun laws, is the answer to gun violence.

Hungerford said, â??Bombs are illegal, too. We still have bombs.â??

This weekendâ??s gun show offered pistols, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles.