Guest says 'everything went fine' with Lodge of Four Seasons fire evacuation

Mary Brown was at the Lake of the Ozarks for a business meeting when she heard sirens in the distance.

"When I first started hearing the fire trucks, I thought well, it's somewhere else, but they seemed to be getting closer and closer," said Brown.

Those sirens were, in fact, headed to where she was staying at the Lodge of Four Seasons.

Mary said her friend called her and told her about a fire there, but they didn't know exactly where it was.

"I thought I had smelled smoke, and she said 'why don't you come on down to the second floor' because I was on the third floor. So I did," she said.

Fire crews were battling a small electrical fire on the fifth floor of the lodge, and guests, including Mary and her friend, were evacuated soon after.

"She had called the lobby and asked them if we should evacuate, and they told her no, but about two minutes later, they did call her and tell her to evacuate," she said.

Mary says that the experience gave her a little scare, but everything work out in the end.

â??They got us all out; just fine, everything went fine"