Grant, sales tax fund sidewalks on Missouri Boulevard

The sidewalks will be constructed on Missouri Boulevard between Heisinger Road and Stoneridge Parkway.

The Jefferson City Council approved using a federal grant of nearly $371,000 to improve sidewalks along Missouri Boulevard, between Heisinger Road and Stoneridge Parkway.

Eighty percent of the money for the project will come from MoDOT's federal enhancement fund.

The remaining 20% will come from the city's capital improvements sales tax.

City administrator Nathan Nickolaus said foot traffic on Missouri Boulevard justifies the need for the sidewalks.

"We've needed sidewalks along Missouri Boulevard for a long time, and if you drive on Missouri Boulevard you'll see that there's a lot of people that are walking, in fact you can see little dirt paths along the road," said Nickolaus.

Nickolaus said the city has been working with the state to get sidewalks in on at least one side of the street, and at the bus stops.

The plan is to eventually build sidewalks along all of Missouri Boulevard.

The project will begin this summer and should be completed within about 6 months.