Grandmother accidentally kills grandson

Foster was about to attend a family event just before the tragedy.

Authorities said a Holts Summit grandmother accidently hit and killed her two-year-old grandson with her SUV last night.

Missouri State Highway Patrol officials say Mary Foster, 54, of Holts Summit hit Brennan Reynolds with her Ford Explorer in a private driveway on Callaway County Road 385.

Authorities said Foster struck her grandson while pulling into a driveway in the 11,000 block of County Road 385 about a mile south of Route OO. Foster was about to attend a family event just before the tragedy.

MO Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Reinsch said, "Two small children came running up to the vehicle and the driver motioned for them to stop. She thought they had stopped at that time, but at some point in time, the two-year-old either continued running or rolled down a slight embankment and got underneath the vehicle."

Authorities called for an emergency helicopter to transport Reynolds to a Columbia hospital. They set up a landing zone in a field next to the Holts Summit Fire Department, but it was too late. A medical examiner pronounced Reynolds dead at the landing zone. His body was then transported to the medical examiner's office. Neighbors said too many people drive too fast on county road 385...which has a speed limit of just 35 miles per hour.

Neighbor Steve Brown said, "There is a hill on either side. If we come out of our driveway, it's very hard to see over the rise. It's downhill to the stop sign. They are doing 45 or 50 miles per hour minimum. You can't stop on a gravel road."

Authorities did not say speed was a factor in this accident.

Authorities said officers and other emergency personnel arrived as soon as possible. An emergency helicopter was on the way, but Reynolds' injuries were too severe.

Callaway County prosecutors will decide whether to file any charges against Foster after highway patrol officials complete their investigation.

That investigation is expected to take about 5 days.