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      Governor cancels concealed carry scans

      Governor Nixon announced Tuesday morning that the Department of Revenue will no longer scan or retain certificates of qualification for Concealed Carry Weapon endorsements. â?? It has been determined that the scanning and retention of concealed carry certificates are not essential to the integrity of the license issuance process,â?? Gov. Nixon said. â??We will continue to work with policymakers to ensure the security and privacy of our license issuance process.â?? â??The Governorâ??s decision to stop scanning and retaining the personal documents of residents with concealed carry permits is a victory for law-abiding Missourians," Lt. Governor Peter Kinder said. "However, this change in policy should never have been necessary, and the Governor and his appointed officials in the Department of Revenue owe the Missouri people an apology. For weeks, in an effort to keep the scandal under wraps, this administration misled lawmakers, stonewalled the media and deceived Missourians. Lawmakers must continue to question an administration that has so consistently misled the people of Missouri." Just one day before, the Governor announced the resignation of Missouri Department of Revenue's Director, Brian Long. Long resigned amid a controversy over the agency's handling of concealed gun permit documents. Long was appointed in December, shortly after the department of revenue launched a new process for issuing driver's licenses. Fee office clerks make electronic copies of applicants' personal documents, such as concealed carry permits.R epublican lawmakers fear it violates privacy.During a senate committee hearing last week, Long had declined to stop scanning the documents.