Good will towards all

''Tis the year for giving and sharing, and folks from all around mid-missouri are seemingly more than willing to do that.

A lot of that good-will goes into little red buckets stationed outside area grocery stores and big box retailers.

The people who help collect that money say they are glad that the money is going to help needy people, but really it's their experience serving the community that makes their holidays.

"Meeting and greeting people. It's a great organization. It's a lot of fun," said Kerry Scott, a bell ringer for Salvation Army.

As the holiday season draws on, the Salvation Army says that you're more likely to see more people out on the street begging for money.

They say that, while giving them money is a kind-hearted gesture, it's not a guarantee that the money will go towards the basic necessities.

Instead, they say giving to organizations like the Salvation Army will make sure the money is used for the right reasons.

"One of the strengths, I think, and one of the most important things about giving to an organization like the Salvation Army is that that is why we are here,â?? said Major Richard Trimmell with the Salvation Army headquarters in Columbia. â??That's why people donate to us, so we can address those kinds of problems, and they know that those problems are being addressed."

The Salvation Army says that it holds it's biggest fundraiser during the holiday months, and while a lot money does go towards helping needy and homeless, some of that money does go towards paying for some of the organization's expenses.