Good to know household tips

Spring is in full swing and that means it's time for some much needed spring cleaning for most of us.

Usually when we think of household cleaning, we thing of big named products, but it's also good to know there's a variety of everyday products you can find at the grocery store at a cheap price that can accomplish the same thing.

If you find your antique furniture to be dusty and dirty here's the trick: all you need is fragrance free baby wipes. Just take a baby wipe and rub it on the furniture and the grime will come right off.

The second cleaning product that's good to know about is nail polish remover. But if you use it, make sure it has acetone in it. Nail polish remover is great for pretty much everything from paint splotches to laminate floors. All you do is put a few drops of the nail polish remover on a rag and spot clean.

The third tip from â??This Old Houseâ?? involves toothpaste. If your kids have turned your nicely painted walls into artwork, just squeeze some toothpaste onto a cloth and rub it on the walls. Soon, your children's doodles will disappear.

The fourth product to know about is olive oil. Olive oil can help brighten up wood. All you do is dab some onto a cloth and put a thin coating on your dull dehydrated wood and finish by buffing it in. However, before you start your transformation, make sure the wood you're working on was originally treated with a oil finish.

Our last product involved hot sauce. If you have any copper around the house that needs to be cleaned, just wipe it down with copper. With some elbow grease and time, the copper will shine again.