Going "Over the Edge" for MO Special Olympics

Jefferson State Office Building, front

Dozens of people will rappel down a Jefferson City high rise this week to support the Missouri Special Olympics.

It's called "Over the Edge" and offers the public a chance to walk down the Jefferson State Office Building this Saturday October 29th.

Missouri Special Olympics has used the fundraiser before as people, including KRCG's Mark Slavit, rappelled down Columbia's Tiger Hotel last fall.

Weather caster Zach Paul did it in 2009. He says the toughest part it was indeed going "over the edge" as he positioned himself on the side wall of the Tiger Hotel.

The event gets its name from the non-profit company hired to run the ropes. They help charities across the country raise money with the unusual fundraiser.

This year the event comes to the capital city for the first time. KRCG's Teresa Snow will rappel 13 stories down the back of the Jefferson Building Friday at 1pm to promote the event.

Members of the community will go down all day Saturday. You can too if you raise $1000 for Missouri Special Olympics. The money supports the more than 2,200 athletes in the Central Area.

The group suggests you solicit your friends and family for the money, and they have a few other ideas to have some fun raising money for others to rappel. Try to toss your boss over the edge, catapult a co-worker, propel a pal, fling a family member, or cast your coach. The possibilities are endless.

You must be 14 years old and weigh less than 300 pounds. For more information go to thisweb site.