Giving thanks for those who work holidays

Linda Bray is one of many Mid-Missourians spending the holiday working.

For most people, Thanksgiving is a day for good food, giving thanks, and spending time with loved ones, but for thousands of Mid-Missourians, it's business as usual.

Linda Bray is the surgical unit manager at Capital Region Medical Center. In her 40 years of nursing, she's learned to celebrate the holidays around her work schedule.

" We celebrated holidays a week before, a week after, just whenever we could all get together," Linda says, "You know when you go into it if you're going to be working the hospital, especially on the floor, that's gonna be part of it"

Esther West is a breast cancer patient on Linda's floor and while she'd rather not be in the hospital for the holiday, she's thankful for Linda and her kind staff.

"The nurses have been great. It's hard you know they're aware from their families. I'm very thankful to have those that are around to help me," Ester said.

"I like to work Thanksgiving because it makes me feel real thankful for what I have and it makes me thankful for what I don't have"

Gas stations must also stay open for the holidays, which means another day of work at the Corner Market in Bland .

Ann Thomas calls all of the customers by name, "They all know us and we all know them."

And only working till noon means Ann will still get to enjoy some family time.

"I get off at noon and then I'll be headed to Thanksgiving dinner with my family."

But while she's working, Ann will make the best of it with plenty of laughs and smiles for her customers.

Meanwhile in Jefferson City, the fire department is hopeful for a quiet day at the firestation.

Lonnie Brandt has been with the Fire Department for 41 years. As the assistant chief of the C-shift, Lonnie says even though it's a holiday, the daily routines are still carried out.

"For the most part it's like every other day. We have our full crews on duty today and we're here to serve the public, he said"

Lonnie says they'll also be sure to take a little time to enjoy the holiday.

"We'll have some treats brought to us, we'll watch a little extra football, but overall it will be a nice little day with our second family here in the firestation."