Giving back one duct taped bow at a time

A flower pen made out of duct tape, pretty fancy duct tape is just one of the many creations 9-year-old Kate Larson makes.

"I sell bows, I haven't sold many flowers and I have wallets, Larson said.

The bows she makes come in all different patterns, of duct tape that is.

Even the bow she wears in her hair is homemade.

"It doesn't take that long, all you do is just take two strips, you stick them together and you just pinch them in half and wrap something around them," Larson said.

She's only in fourth grade and she already has her own business, KBows.

Kate charges 25-cents for her bows and a dollar for the wallets.

But the flower pens are new to the business and don't have a price, yet.

The money she makes is divvied up into three different jars.

"I donate the money to S.E.R.V.E. and I also donate to the animal shelters and then some I keep to buy more duct tape," Larson said. "Everybody deserves the right to have something in their lives."

"She knows how fortunate she is, to have what she has, not only personal things, but a mother and a father who care and share all of this and teach her about helping others," Larson TMs grandmother Mary Rehklau said. "I TMm just proud of her, as young as she is, to already know the value of human beings and the need to help others."

While she knows a lot about giving, Kate did have something on her Christmas list.

"Duct tape, of course," Larson said.

So far Kate has made about $50 with her duct-tape creations.

And as a side note for all of Kate TMs customers, after you buy eight bows, you get one free.