Gingerbread stadium encourages Alabama fans

Not everyone in Mid-Missouri is a Mizzou Tiger fan.

One Jefferson City family literally bleeds red for the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama.

Alabama takes on Louisiana State in this yearâ??s college football national championship game on Monday night.

When Jack Evans said he would make a gingerbread replica of the University of Alabamaâ??s football stadium, his wife Rosie and his daughters laughed it off. It wasnâ??t a joke to Jack. After researching the stadiumâ??s dimensions and colors, Jack surprised his family by recreating the stadium of his favorite football team.

Jack Evans said, â??It did take longer than I expected, but thatâ??s O.K. because it came out much better than I expected.â??

Jack said it was a trick to get all 102,000 fans in place. Jack and his Rosie decided it would be easier to make it a game against Arkansas fans who also wear red.

When Jack and Rosie first started their project, they had no clue how long it would take them. After using knives, razorblades and Popsicle sticks, they didnâ??t finish the fourth quarter until the clock said 75 hours.

Jack and Rosie said itâ??s hard to surprise their daughters with anything, but their gingerbread stadium takes the cake.

Rosie Evans said, â??They never believed he would be able to do it. At Christmas when they walked in the house, it was like, dad, unbelievable! The first thing they wanted to do was put in on Facebook.â??

The Evans have been going to Alabama football games for about 37 years. Jack and Rosie are going to New Orleans for Monday nightâ??s national championship game. They said thereâ??s always more room for championship flags on their gingerbread stadium.

Now that the University of Missouri is part of the SEC, Jack and Rosie canâ??t wait until October 13 when Alabama travels to Columbia for a football game against Mizzou.

Thatâ??s one day before Rosieâ??s birthday.