Gasconade River begins to swell in Mid-Missouri

Gasconade River swelling in the Linn and Belle area.

Update: April 28 at 10:55 a.m.: Roads near the Gasconade River are closed due to high flooding. The Missouri Department of Transportation road conditions map shows Route RA and N are both closed in Osage County in addition to Route D. MO Hwy 42 in Maries County is also closed.Original Story:At least one river in Mid-Missouri is starting to swell.

KRCG went to the Gasconade River between Belle and Linn Wednesday evening. We found it was much higher than normal.

We found a lot of people standing around checking out the river to see it in its flooded state.

As of Wednesday evening, the Gasconade already is in the National Weather Service TMs Flood Stage at Rich Fountain, and it TMs on the brink of going from minor to moderate. Based on the NWS TMs predictions, the Gasconade will continue to rise and crest sometime between Thursday and Friday nights.

National Weather Service officials have issued a Flood Warning along the Gasconade near Rich Fountain. According to the alert, the reason for the warning is runoff from recent heavy rain events and up to half an inch of rainfall forecast over the next 24 hours. The alert was issued Wednesday at 9 a.m.

You can track the Gasconade River yourself by following this link. For the latest on rain headed to central Missouri, check out the KRCG WeatherLab Radar.