Gas company pledges fixes for customers with damage

Vicki Sucher holds a photo showing the damage to her yard.

The president of Summit Natural Gas in Missouri met with a customer Friday morning, promising to fix up a portion of her lawn damaged by the company's contractors months ago.

Vicki Sucher returned to her Miller County home in April after spending the winter in Tennessee.

Sucher told KRCG 13 that during that time, Midwest Utilities, which installed and maintained a gas line on Summit Natural Gas' behalf, was trying to add one of Sucher's neighbors onto the line when the company realized they needed to modify the line at a point in Sucher's front yard.

The process left a large hole and damaged her irrigation system and electric dog fence.

David Moody, president of Summit Natural Gas, went to Sucher's house Friday morning and pledged to fix up her lawn.

He said Summit Natural Gas takes full responsibility for the damage and will fix it, even though it was a subcontractor that did the actual digging.

Summit Natural Gas is currently in litigation with one man who says they built a gas line which later caused damage on his private road.

The operator of the Gravois Arms Sewer District claims Summit contractors hit sewer lines in 10-12 places during summer and fall 2013. Moody said the company is working with them on these claims.

Moody says anyone with damage caused by contractors can contact Summit Natural Gas.