Fulton residents still in good spirits, despite snowy conditions

Roads became snow covered quickly in Fulton on Tuesday.

The snow piled on quickly in Fulton Tuesday morning, with schools and businesses closing up their doors for the day.

Westminster College closed, giving students an extra day to catch up on their studies.

One student from St. Louis said he's used to the wintry weather and would use the day off to his advantage.

"If we didn't have time before, now we have plenty of extra time to get work done," said Nick Baldoni.

Other Fulton residents took the snow in stride.

"It's a little tricky to get around but it's pretty and I think the kids like it and enjoy it," said Jessica Miles.

Kids took advantage of snow piles with their snowboards, enjoying a second snow day this week.

"It's fun, except for the ice, that's not fun. Yeah, the black ice is slippery," said friends Gavin and Isaiah.

While most of us in the Midwest are used to several winter storms each season, one truck driver is longing for palm trees.

"It's okay if you're on vacation. To work in it is difficult but you just have to take your time. I'm from California so I can't wait...I used to say I hate the summer...I can't wait for the summer," said Ron Venay, a FedEx truck driver.

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