Fulton is now smoke free

The city of Fulton is now smoke-free.

As of 12:01 Saturday morning the city no longer allows smoking in enclosed work spaces or within 15 feet of an outside entrance at all places of employment.

The manager at the V.F.W. in Fulton says the bar was surprisingly busy because of what he says is curiosity, but he thinks the ban will ultimately hurt business.

"I think that there will be fewer and fewer come in, we have had costumers say that they are going to go other places that still allow smoking," V.F.W. Manager Tom Maupin said.

Maupin said he is concerned his rights are being taken away but other Fulton patrons are happy the ban is in place.

"I think the ban is great, I've been living in Boston for three years and they are everything smoke free so I moved back about a month ago and to go back into bars and restaurants where there's smoking its just been so different, Fulton resident Amanda Custard said. I've been used to, ya know having smoke free atmospheres wherever I go so I'm really excited they are finally doing it here."

As part of the ordinance business owners are required to post no smoking signs and remove ashtrays from areas where smoking is prohibited.